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You can rent a mobile shower with shower cubicle for a small fee:

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We have drawn up a number of rules with which we think we can prevent the transmission of the Corona virus. We will continue to follow these rules until there is more peace around the Corona virus:

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1: If your travel group consists of more than 3 people who are not your immediate family, the sailing holiday must be rescheduled for a later date


2: We request that you arrange a check-in time with us in advance and the return time. This way we can prevent larger numbers of tenants from being present in our port at the same time


3: On arrival at our port site, only the main tenant / captain will report to us and pay the deposit in cash (appropriately)


4: Always keep at least 1.5m everywhere. distance


5: The instruction / test run is held with only the main tenant / captain


6: If several people are present at the port site: ensure sufficient distance and / or have your travel group wait in the car


7: During the instruction / sea trial, the captain wears a face-covering object (mask, scarf, handkerchief, etc.) to prevent contamination


8: After the instruction / trial run you can (together with your traveling party) load the boat;


9: When other people are loading a boat as well, wait until these other tenants are leaving


10: Please return the entire boat with warm soapy water before returning from the inside


11: You also observe the general Corona measures, as imposed by the government, during your boating holiday


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If we consistently use the above points together, you can enjoy a relaxing cruise and enjoy our beautiful Friesland.

If you have questions and / or comments or you are forced to move your sailing holiday to a later time, we would like to hear from you.

Pay attention to each other and stay healthy.

We look forward to welcoming you at our port soon!


Best regards, and see you soon!

Wiebe and Harmen Postma & team


JHP Jachtverhuur is a family business where Wiebe and Harmen Postma are your hosts. You can rent very nice boats from us to sail through Friesland. We will do everything to make your vacation by boat in Friesland as beautiful as possible. Due to our small scale, we can give you a lot of personal attention (think of route descriptions, take time to test, learn knots, etc.).

The names of our boats all come from our family: "Hanna", "Afke", "Kari-Jana" and "Tjisse" are the names of the children of Harmen. "Fenna" and "Silke" are the nieces of Wiebe and Harmen, "Wietze-Jan" is the son of Wiebe and "Harmke" was the name of the grandmother of Wiebe and Harmen.

Scroll through the information on this website so that you can get to know us and our ships.

Cordial greetings,

JHP Yacht rental
Wiebe & Harmen Postma

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